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Touching and experiencing soft and luxurious materials is fascinating to us and i love sharing this sensation with those who visit my store. I offer exclusive creations here in the Grand-Duchy, which allows me to present the brides to be an assortment of out of the ordinary and whimsical dresses. Whether the personal preference is bohemian style, incorporating more fluent lines, or more sumptuous and ornate dresses, assuring you a princess-like feeling – i am here to assist you in your search for the perfect dress in harmony with your expectations, your silhouette as well as the overall theme of your wedding.

For those among you planning a civil wedding, dreaming of a shorter attire or even suits and jump suits, Eternelles has a series of very beautiful ensembles perfectly suited for such an event.

y sewing expert, Liana, will be available to you in order to make any necessary and/ or personal changes with the goal to make your dress fit perfectly.

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